Her Excellency, CHIEF DR. JEWEL HOWARD-TAYLOR is the First Female Vice President of the Republic of Liberia; who has served her Nation and people for over 20 years in many capacities both in the Public and Private Sectors; chief amongst which are:

  1. Senior Senator of Bong County for over 12 years; with a resounding mandate from the people of Bong County to represent their interests, hopes and aspirations; as evidenced by her election as Senior Senator in 2005 and again in 2014.
  2. First Lady of Liberia from 1997 to 2003.
  3. President of the Agricultural Cooperative Development Bank (ACDB) (1996).
  4. Deputy Governor, National Bank of Liberia, now Central Bank of Liberia (1996-1997)



Jewel Starfish Documentary

Indeed to help one person at a time could make a difference.


Because of the value she places on Education, Her Excellency Chief Dr. Taylor has pursued excellence in Education in many fields in order to be prepared for the opportunities of life. Her motto is that “education is both a light and a key to a prosperous future”. As a result, she has obtained degrees in Economics, Banking and Finance, Law, International Relations and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership and Governance.

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Her Excellency Chief Dr. Taylor is a visible and very involved stateswoman; with a strong voice of advocacy for: Affordable but quality education;
A fair and transparent justice system;
The improvement of accessible health care systems
Improved women’s economic and political participation
An accountable public service system amongst others.

She is one of Liberia’s foremost advocates for increased and improved opportunities for women of Liberia and Africa, and is now being called the “Jewel of Africa”. She is also a critical voice on many cross-cutting issues and remains on the frontline in the battle to reposition Liberia for inclusion, equity, vibrancy, productivity and democratic good governance. On account of her national disposition, she is fondly called the “Politician without Borders” As a result of her International and National impact, Her Excellency Chief Dr. Taylor has been a recipient of many Accolades, Laurels and Awards from Local, National and International Organizations, ranging from humanitarian awards to outstanding Leadership awards. Her Excellency Chief Dr. Taylor is a recipient of the following:

  1. The Nation’s highest Honor as Knight Great Dame, Order of the Most Venerable Order of the pioneers in 2000;
  2. The First Female to be given the Distinguished Traditional Title of “Venerable Chief in the National Traditional Council of Liberia in 2011
  3. The Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Recognition Award for Humanitarian Services and contribution to Youth Development in Liberia from the (AAW Peace ) African & American Women in 2011;
  4. Outstanding African Woman of the Year (2018);
  5. Excellence in Political Leadership, SHEROES Foundation Awards, 2017
  6. African Women Leadership Award, Abuja, Nigeria;
  7. The Pan African Award on Leadership Excellence & Women Empowerment, 2016;
  8. Woman of the Year, 2016, West African Philanthropist Organization;
  9. 2nd Chance International Award as a Woman of Distinction 2015, New York City USA; Her Excellency Chief Dr. Taylor is the Founder and Sponsor of the JEWEL STARFISH FOUNDATION” which has since 1999 provided educational opportunities and scholarships to thousands of girls across Liberia. This NGO provides an opportunity for Education, Capacity Building and Mentorship.


Norwu G. Howard - Chairperson

Norwu G. Howard



To provide educational opportunities to females commencing from the 7th Grade through University Level education.

To empower females with capacity building tools that will enable them achieve Sustainable means of livelihood.

To inspire and provide mentoring for females to show that one can become whatever they choose to be.

To bring females together to share experiences, learn from one another, network, advocate, create awareness on critical issues; and map out plans and strategies for expanded opportunities

To showcase the achievements of females, and foster a new generation of Women Leaders

To partner with individuals and institutions who are determined that together we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) through collective and collaborative action

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